A Documentary About Love

A film by Alan B. Smith and Tsvete Smith

Featured original songs The Way and Ride On by 2/3 Goat

Additional music by Nathan Daniels

The purpose behind our documentary is to explore the arguments for human rights of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender people through the lens of religious, scientific, cultural, civil and legal paradigms.

A spectrum of studies, opinions and interpretations are discussed.

What are the constitutional and philosophical implications of denying any group of people true equality?

Are families with same-sex parents dysfunctional?

Is gender a black and white issue?

Are people born gay?

What does is mean to be married?

What does our ancestral mythology and religion tell us about our past beliefs and present?

BORN EQUAL will be available for Video on Demand on OUTtv! December 2015

The film will also be broadcast on TV in Canada and throughout Europe! Beginning in 2016!

Recent participant in the 

Culture Unplugged festival.

"Festival Director's Award" 

Awaken! International Spiritual Film Festival

 An earlier short cut of  BORN EQUAL at the Rochester ImageOut Film Festival




Kelly Smith and Rene Sugar 

Married in Massachusets and Living in Rochester, NY



Cathy Marino-Thomas 

Board President, Marriage Equality New York



Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum

Beth Simchat Torah, New York City         


Reverend Dr. Donna Schaper

Judson Memorial Church, New York City 



Reverend T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki

New York Buddhist Church



Richard Wandel

Historian/Archivist and Wiccan Priest of the Gardnerian Tradition  



Robert Chodo Campbell and Koshin Paley Ellison

New York Zen Center For Contemplative Care



Dr. Jack Drescher, M.D.,

Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst 

Author, Pyschoanalytic Therapy and the Gay Man 



Dr. Dana Beyer 

Ophthomological Surgeon with a Masters in Chemistry 

Transgender Activist and Humanitarian 



Shaykha Fariha al-Jerrahi

Sufi Order, Nur Ashki Jerrahi, New York City 


Rabbi David Ingber
Kehilat Romemu, New York City 
Tomasina Grey
Navajo LGBT Activist
Debanuj Dasgupta
Sociologist and Political Activist
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The Way
2/3 Goat (Up The Mountain)

Thank you to Marriage Equality New York!

for Your Help in Supporting Our Film!

Also a special thank you to Mark Fisher Fitness for your support and participation in the film's original screening.